Welcome to The #ForgottenLtd Campaign for small limited company directors affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

We need your help.

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We are small businesses.

We do not qualify for any meaningful government support.

The #ForgottenLtd Campaign exists to raise awareness of the lack of meaningful government support for the small business community across the UK. We call on the government to address this disparity by extending COVID-19 support packages to those of us left behind.

We are asking for parity. We are asking not to be forgotten.

 Lee Climpson from Transmission Productions

How to save UK #ForgottenLtd
small businesses

As small Ltd companies, we’ve been left out of
most Government financial packages.

The situation is that:

  • As directors of small limited companies, we are not eligible for the self-employment income support scheme.
  • Many of us do not qualify for small business grants, as we are not in commercial premises.
  • Although the bounce back loan scheme is now available to some, many of us do not see taking on large debt in such an uncertain business landscape, as a realistic option.
  • Furlough is a catch-22 for company directors. Unpredictable cashflow means our salaries are low, so the scheme doesn’t cover our living expenses. And if we furlough, we’re not allowed to work on saving our business.

We are asking you to put pressure on the Treasury to:

  • Give Limited Companies a corporation tax rebate
  • Convert Bounce Back Loans to Grants
  • Increase the discretionary grant fund allocated to local authorities.
  • Create parity across all discretionary award authorities across the UK to avoid postcode lottery allocations.
  • Reconsider putting directors of small Limited Companies on an equal footing with the self-employed income support scheme (SEISS).
  • Allow furlough for all Limited Company directors to continue to work to support their businesses.
  • Allow furlough for all Limited Company directors paid via #AnnualPAYE
  • Extend Business Support Grants to all small businesses

What you can do!

We are campaigning for fair and equal government support for small limited companies:


Our petition is calling for support for small limited company directors.

  Petition 310515


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“The Government should focus on making sure that those self-employed who work through their own companies can have dividends that result from self-employment being counted when it comes to the assessment of the furlough amount that they can qualify for.” Mel Stride MP
Treasury Select Committee Chair
“If [the Treasury] wants a bounceback post-shutdown, every company that was viable pre-shutdown should be helped. Help is not the same as 'go and get a loan', even if it is interest free at first, because the 'helper' is requiring you to take a unquantifiable risk with your future.” Andy Verity
BBC Economics Correspondent