Tracy Bedwell


Name: Tracy Bedwell

Business Name: Sales Training International Ltd

We are a training and consultancy company, trading for 20 years. We employ 2 staff and use a regular 20 associates. Covid 19 has stopped all business, all that was on the books has cancelled and we are struggling to secure anything new. We are not eligible for any financial support for the business or personally. We operate from home, so no grant. We file annual PAYE end of March so we can’t furlough. We can’t claim UC as we have a university fund for our daughter which has £17,000 in it – we have been adding £200 a month since she was born.  

We are living on zero income. The businesses bills that I can’t cancel come to £800 a month. Our personal bills (inc food) come to £2500. We don’t expect our situation to change until next year by which time the university fund will have gone and god knows what we will do? 

Changing the rules for annual PAYE would be a massive help to us, that with allowing us to try and win business would be a lifeline.