Nicola Koutsios

Location: Mill Hill, London

Name: Nicola Koutsios

Business Name: West + Fenton Consultancy Limited

I had recently started a contract as a Project Manager within the Hospitality sector. As soon as pubs and bars were asked to shut their doors all contractors were given their 2 weeks notice and contracts cut short. In times of financial hardship, projects are the first thing to be halted. I honestly don’t know if I will manage to secure another role before the end of the year due to the lack of projects and the demand for these roles.

As a Director I have only been receiving £575 / month on the furlough scheme. Of this: £200 goes straight back into my business to pay my monthly accountancy fees and insurance. Through my business I pay corporation tax, VAT and personal tax. We deserve to be treated fairly! I have lost all faith in our government.

My husband is also self-employed and as of yet has not received a penny. So as a household we are expected to pay all our bills and live on £375!